Here is a list of other spices that we offer

Sr. Photo English Names Indian Names (Hindi)
1 Black Cardomom (Whole) Badi Elichi
2 Black Onion Seeds Kalonjee
3 Black Pepper (Powder) Kali Miri Powder
4 Black Pepper (Whole) Kali Miri
5 Cardamon Elichi Dana
6 Carom Ajwain Seed
7 Cinnamin (Whole) Elichi (Green Colour)
8 Dilli Seeds Sabja
9 Fennel Saunf
10 Linseed Alsi Ka Beej
11 Mustard Seeds (Brown) Sarson Ke Beej (Brown)
12 Mustard Seeds (Yellow) Sarso ke beej (Yellow)
13 Nutmeg Jaifal
14 Pomogranite Seed Anaar Dana
15 Star Anise Seeds Baadiyaan
16 Turmuric (Whole) Haldi (Gatthe)


Do check the common spices section if you do not find the spice / seeds you are looking for