Spices not only add taste to you food making the recipes what they are, but also have medicinal values to it. Here is the list of spices that we deal in.

Sr. Photo English Names Indian Names (Hindi)
1 Asafoetida Heeng
2 Blend Spices Garam Masala
3 Cinimon Dalchini
4 Cloves Long
5 Coriander Seeds (Split) Dahniya (Green Colour)
6 Coriander Seeds (Whole) Akkha Dhaniya
7 Cumin Seed Jeera (Seed)
8 Dry Ginjer Sonth
9 Fenugreek Seeds Methi Ka Daana
10 Mustard Seeds (Black) Rai / Raie
11 Red Chilli Powder Laal Mirch Powder
12 Red Chillies Laal Mirch (Sukha)
13 Turmeric powder Hali Powder


If perhaps you didn't find what you were looking for, explore other spices or feel free to contact us and we will get back to you.